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The Kudela lab has undertaken a number of science outreach projects reflecting the research taking place in the lab. It is important to us that exciting advances in science, and the new technologies we experiment with, are shared with the rest of the oceanographic community and the greater public. The lab also collaborates with many other groups and organizations to develop educational tools and materials.

Fact Sheets

SPATT FAQ Brochure
Red Tide and HAB FAQ Brochure

CyanoHAB FAQ Brochure
Santa Cruz EcoTour Brochure
CIMT Krill
CeNCOOS Animals as Ocean Sensors
CeNCOOS Surface Current Mapping
CeNCOOS Red Tide Response
CeNCOOS OceanObs
CIMT Harmful Algal Blooms
CIMT Research
CIMT Wind to Whales


California's Coast and Ocean Summary Report 2018


What color is YOUR ocean?
Seasons in Monterey Bay

Who am I (P. Lunula)
Who am I (Microcystis)


Kudela Lab Phytoplankton Guide
Made in partnership with Mobile Ranger


A Primer on California Marine HABs

Phytoplankton ID Guide: for phone or tablet
Phytoplankton ID Guide: print


Santa Cruz Ocean Observing Platform (SCOOP)
Phytoplankton ID Gallery
Phytoplankton Sampling Blog
Monterey Bay HAB Portal
Santa Cruz EcoTour


How do you collect a phytoplankton sample? What kind of tools and equipment do you need? What do researchers really do? How do you make a scientific illustration of a diatom? Our spotlight section is all about answering these behind-the-scenes questions, by shining a spotlight on different areas of phytoplankton research. Click on the images below to learn more!


Imaging FlowCytobot

thalass D5

Silicic Acid Deposition


Solid Phase Adsorption Toxin Testing

glider home

Underwater Glider

field scope

Phytoplankton Identification


Light Microscopy

Jenny sampling

Integrated Sample - Net Tow

Dan taking net tow

Discrete Sample

Corlis drawing

Scientific Illustration