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The current phytoplankton monitoring program in Santa Cruz has existed since 2006. Originally funded by Cal-PReEMPT and CeNCOOS, weekly sampling includes phytoplankton identification, toxin testing, bacteria monitoring, and nutrient analysis.

Sampling at the Monterey Wharf began in 2003. The wharf was chosen in part because it is located diagonally across the bay from the Santa Cruz Wharf.

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We are providing this weekly report as a service to interested readers.  Our goal is to deliver a near-real time description of the plankton community assemblage.  Thus, species observations are made rapidly using a relatively low power stereomicroscope.  We have not exhaustively verified species descriptions and occasionally a description may be in error. Comments and feedback are encouraged.

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Sampling Sites

Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf

Santa Cruz Wharf

Monterey Municipal Wharf II

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