58th Annual Eastern Pacific Ocean Conference

Stanford Sierra Conference Center at Fallen Leaf Lake

South Lake Tahoe, CA

11 - 14 October 2011


Meeting Chair:  Clarissa Anderson

EPOC President:  Albert Hermann
EPOC Treasurer:  Stephen Pierce

Scientific Sessions*

1. Physical, Chemical, and Biological Connections between Coastal Zones (the Inner, Middle, Outer Shelf and Continental Slope)
    (Co-Chairs:  Melanie Fewings & Erika McPhee-Shaw)

2. Potential Impacts of Climate Change on California Current Ecosystems: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
    (Co-Chairs: Bill Peterson & Ryan Rykaczewski)

3. Advances in Ecosystem Modeling in the N.E. Pacific
    (Co-Chairs: Al Hermann & Richard Dugdale)

4. Oceanographic Processes in the Coastal Ocean-Estuary Transition Zone
     (Co-Chairs: David Sutherland & Jim Lerczak)

* In addition to these special sessions, contributions on any Eastern Pacific Ocean topic are always   welcome in our General Session.