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Genus: Noctiluca | Dinoflagellate

Species: N. scintillans

Order: Noctiluciphyceae

Family: Noctilucaceae


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Description: Large unarmored, round or kidney shaped cells with a striated tentacle, one flagellum  and a eukaryotic nucleus. Cytoplasm may contain photosynthetic symbionts and gametes are gymnodinoid.  Phagotrophic with food vacuoles containing prey. Chloroplasts absent.

Cell Size: Diameter 200-2,000um

Distribution: Cosmopolitan, neritic, cold, and warm waters.

Interesting Facts: Bioluminescent except in the NE Pacific. Reported to produce ammonium during large blooms (orange-red), which may be toxic to fish.

Below: A large nocliluca bloom in Monterey Bay, California, May 2011. For more information, click here. Click on the photo to enlarge.

----------noctiluca bloom

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