Remote sensing, through satellites and in situ instruments, is a valuable tool for oceanographers. Using remote sensing, oceanographers can gather data over much larger spatial and temporal scales than is possible with any other method. Researchers in and around Monterey Bay are continually working to develop methods for interpreting satellite data, and for using it to understand a variety of oceanographic parameters. One of many goals that researchers strive for is to identify HABs from remotely operated instruments or satellites.


Applying Airborne Remote Sensing for Interdisciplinary Oceanography in Monterey Bay - A slide presentation by an MBARI researcher detailing multi-platform HAB detection research.

Santa Cruz Ocean Observing Platform - The SCOOP station serves as an important link between direct water sampling and remote sensing.

Satellite Detection of Harfmul Algal Blooms - An MBARI researcher's overview of HAB detection by satellite.

CeNCOOS - Information about an intense algal bloom detected by satellite in Monterey Bay during October 2008.