The Monterey Bay Harfmul Algal Blooms portal was created to provide a road map of organizations and websites that focus on HABs in the Monterey Bay area. The prevalence and intensity of HABs is a growing concern in coastal regions worldwide. Monterey Bay experiences several HAB events each year, which can have a significant impact on marine mammal health and local fisheries. Risks to human health are mitigated by good monitoring and management practices, but research and public education efforts are ongoing.

This page is not intended to replace or compete with any of the sites posted here. Its mission is to create a centralized location where visitors can find an organized list of who's who in Monterey Bay harfmul algal bloom research. If you have comments or questions, or would like to add an organization or group to this site, please contact us at


Phytoplankton illustrations by Corlis Schneider